Sunday 16 June 2024

Harrod Cup

A 5 - 3 win for Ashby 3 at Loughborough (despite Steve's best efforts to give our opponents a share of the points !!) sent them to the top of the Harrod Cup table. Hopefully they will be joined there this week by Ashby 1 and Ashby 2, who are at home against Wigston 2 and Wigston 1 respectively.

As usual, the table and results are available to view from the tab at the top of this page.

Tournament/Congress Entries

If anybody is playing in any individual tournaments or congresses, please let us know so that we can highlight it on the website. 

Crewe Chess Congress

Steve, Les and Jamie are all playing in the Intermediate Section of the Crewe Congress next weekend. Watch this space for their results. 

Birmingham Rapidplay

Congratulations to Josh Cherrington on finishing joint 1st in the Intermediate Section of last weekend's Birmingham Rapidplay, with a brilliant score of 6/7. He just missed out on winnng it outright when he lost to the other joint winner in the last round.

Les Fancourt also played in the Intermediate Section, finishing on 3.5/7, as did Jamie Rhodes and Tom Gerrard, who both finished on 3/7.

County Championships

Josh Cherrington currently has 1.5/2 in the Challengers Section of the Leicestershire Individual County Championships.

Tom Gerrard has 1/1 in the Major Section.

Les Fancourt and Jamie Rhodes both have 1.5/2 in the Minor Section.