Saturday 6 July 2024

U1450 Championship Update

The U1450 Championship results cannot be sent for rating as a couple of the players taking part are not ECF Members. This precludes us from sending the rating file generated by the system to the ECF. However, to get round this problem I will also be entering those games played in the U1450 Championship between ECF Members as Rated Friendlies. They will then be rated in the usual way. It just means that they will show on the ECF Rating Database as Rated Friendles, rather than the U1450 Championship, nothing more than that. Any games played that involve Colin Marley and Emjay Lofts will not be sent for rating as they are not ECF Members. 

Games played up to, and including, 4th July will be submitted tonight and will show on the ECF Rating Database tomorrow.