Wednesday 10 March 2021

4NCL Online League

 This was set up as a result of the pandemic, and 2 Seasons were played last year. We entered a team in the 2nd of these, and finished in the bottom half of Division 6.

The format is the teams play 7 matches, each with 4 boards, and after this the top 4 teams play Semi-Finals and a Final.

The 3rd Season is under way, with 4 of the 7 rounds completed. This time Div 6 is split into 4 Groups, with the winners of each Group going into the Semi-Finals. We currently lie 2nd in our Group and play the top team in the next Round on Mar 23rd. 

Here are our results from the Rounds so far.

Further details can be found on the  web site.

We think that the online Seasons will continue for sometime, and would like to enter more teams in future. So, if you are interested in playing for us, please contact Neil Roberts on 07804 743471 or .