Tuesday 18 September 2018

Club Championship Final - Alan Agnew v Chris Tipper

Dutch Defence

Notes By Alan Agnew
Additional note by Chris Tipper: 

The developing weakness on e6 after White's e4 advance on move 14, and the incursion of White's Bishop to d6 on move 19 both looked ominous. But in each case I felt tactically I could deal with any immediate related threats and something positive 'might turn up' for me ( although of course it would more likely be a case of a steady build up of multiple further threats by Alan). In the event, the 'something' was an accelerated thrust on the Queenside with 21. ..a5, followed by a welcome exchange of Queens. After this there suddenly appeared a very cosy defence - coordinating square for my King to reach d6 behind a sound cluster of central Pawns. 
All to my surprise and relief ......