Friday 4 March 2022

Viewing Your Rated Games

You may want to know how you can see which of your games have been rated by the  ECF.
Games to be included for rating by the ECF are submitted by Clubs, County Associations and Tournament Orgarisers.  They can automatically be submitted to the ECF League Management System ( LMS ) on the 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th of each month, and then your current rating, based on the games played up until the 28th, will appear in the Rating List on the 1st of the following month. So, for example, games played up until the 28th of Jan will appear in the list published on the 1st Feb. 

At present the LRCA are not using the LMS, but usually submit by the end of each month, in which case any LRCA games played will still affect ratings for the following month.

But can you find out which games have been included ?   You can do this by going to the ECF Rating List and entering your surname. On the following screen, click on your ECF Code and then scroll halfway down the screen to where is says View OTB Results / View Online Events. Click on View OTB Results and, on the following screen, enter the year you wish to view from the dropdown list, or enter All Seasons. You can also specify Rapidplay or Standard games, although Standard is the default. All of your rated games for the selected year will then be displayed.