Sunday 12 January 2020

Ashby 1 go top of Div 2

An excellent result, which puts us top of Division 2 for the moment. It looked highly unlikely half way through the evening. Tom’s opponent seemed to have no ambition to do anything other than draw, right from move 2. It looked like Tom might be able to break through, but he slightly miscalculated, and the exchange of queens killed the game entirely. A pawn down had done for Roy; Andrew was a piece down and, to the spectators, didn’t appear to have much compensation; However, later on in his game he had found some compensation after all, got his piece back and was in a winning endgame, which he duly delivered. Chris was in a ding-dong game, the 1.f4 enthusiast’s Holy Grail, including the dream middle game sequence of: 19.f5...30.f6...31.f7...34.f8=Q , mate in one. We hope to show the moves in Member's Games soon.