Sunday 17 March 2019

Last Week's Results

Another hard fought match for the 1st Team, with the result not decided until the last seconds of the match, and an excellent result to take us out of the relegation places. Paul in his first appearance for the first team this season played a close game, eventually agreeing a draw in an opposite coloured bishop endgame I think. Our new recruit Iain did his best to extract the full point, and eventually agreeing a draw in another bishop endgame, thanks for turning out Iain. Roy played a very level game against John Pattison, with draw agreed in a symmetrical position. Tom played a very solid opening against the aggressive Roland, and a tough game ensued, eventually agreed drawn with opposite coloured bishops. Alan annoyed himself by building up a nice middlegame attack which he really should have converted in the tactics, but after Ray’s normal tough defence he then had to win it all over again in the endgame. Thankfully Alan found a nice way to combine his king and queen to create a mate threat against the white king, in a somewhat stressful manner playing on the increment!
A good result for Ashby 4 against 2nd in the division.